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Customer Feedback

Barbara waugh (uk)
once again latif has provided my sister and i with a unique holiday my third !from the excitment of dehli to the tranquility of kashmir where his hospitable family provided us with a house boat and constant care and attention wonderful

Susannah and Daniel (Australia)
Barbara waugh (uk) once again latif has provided my sister and i with a unique holiday my third !from the excitment of dehli to the tranquility of kashmir where his hospitable family provided us with a house boat and constant care and attention wonderful Susannah and Daniel (Australia) We were lucky enough to meet up with Latif when we arrived in Delhi. Delhi was at first, very hot and very overwhelming, but our comfort was put at ease by Latif and his overall service. He was very honest and very eager to accomodate our requests and queries. The hotels were mostly good, except for a few minor hiccups with the hotels,(these issues were not Latif's fault) overall our stay and our experiences was excellent. The village of Pushkar in the region of Rajasthan was stunning and very interesting. We stayed in a peaceful and beautiful hotel called Master Paradise and the service and comfort was exemplary. and very considerate and we highly recommend him for all future Indian experiences. Keep up the good work, Latif: )

Daniel (Australia)
I booked a trip with Mr Latif for myself and my girlfriend to see Rajasthan and Agra. The arrangements he made for us allowed us to enjoy our time in India and see many beautiful sights, particularly the Taj Mahal. The trains, pick up and drop offs were always on time. He assisted us with seeing different sides of India in a short time. Pushka was amazing and Masters Paradise was our favourite and if it had the Taj Mahal it would have been difficult to leave. He made himself avaliable 24 hours a day to assist with any problems that we had. I was so impressed with his assistance and advice that I have booked a 5 week train trip with him. I am very sure that in 5 weeks I will be writing another happy recommendation for his service. Daniel

Sylvia Mignot (Brazil)
I am Sylvia Mignot From Brazil i Have visited new Delhi India on 2008 my During stay India deserved around Delhi and Varanasi everything went so for good since Mr Latif Ratta arranged hotel car flight to Varanasi.i meet first time Mr Latif Ratta trough google online his response for my question positively. he is well know organizer in his area i recommend you him

Kirstatter (German father and son) (Germany)
In monsoon time 2007 we made a "wet" trip through Rajastan. It was a great help for us to have Mr. Latif Ratta arranging all the reservations and managing our tour along our wishes to visit some of the Rajastani highlights. Even during the hard days when our tickets and train reservations were lost, he watched over us as a good and reliable hand from distance: He talked with managers, arranged new reservations and brought us back to Delhi safe. When flying home we really had feelings of leaving a part of our family. We want to thank by heart for his guidance and warm honesty. Through this, for me and my son the trip was an adventure and a great remembrance.

Jean-Daniel Mary (Canada)
I met Latif for the first time in 2000 during my first trip in India and caught up with him again in my other trip in 2004. I went up to Kashmir and even met up with Latif's family. Latif is a trustworthy person and I would highly recommand his agency to anyone looking for informations and tours around Delhi or even the whole country.

Pascale and Benoit (France)
The prestation of Latif Rata was good and saved our travel! For sure... I recommand you this agent!

Benoit (FRANCE)
Latif was a so nice meeting as a person, that i spent nearly ALL my indian time with him, touring Delhi and Kashmir ! NOW that i am back in this beautifull country (Hello there , i am in PUNE today 31 Oct 2008 !), FOR SURE i will ask Latif to manage nice things with my honeymoon holiday

Fusa (Japan)
Latif was the first tour operator I met in Dehli.What a good luck it was!very friendly and amazing knowleges.I felt easy about on his works and his personality.He's worthy of trust.

Barbara (UK)
My daughter and I have had the pleasure of having Latif arrange two holidays in India for us both of which we were treated as if we were familyThe second holiday my daughter fell ill -Latif organised the flight back to Dehli with all despatch .A reliable and honourable tour guide.Highly recommended

Carolyn (Australia)
Definitely recommend Latif as a superb and trustworthy travel agent!! We stumbled upon him in desperation trying to book our last 4 weeks in India amongst Christmas chaos. He was honest and fair and booked everything (trains, hotels, pick-ups) in no time, covering everything we wanted to see and do! If you are travelling to India, Latif will organise you a fantastic time and wonderful memories that you will never forget!

Christopher Nixon (Canada)
Wonderful tour operator. Booking transportation and accomodations was easy and fairly priced. Very friendly and knowledgeable as well. Latif not only made travelling simple but made me feel like a part of his family, in Delhi as well as in Kashmir, giving a truly special travel experience. I was in India for 4 months and the 2 weeks booked through Latif was some of the best. Highly recommended no matter where you go in this amazing country.

Caleb Stewart (USA)
Delhi was my first stop. I had many hassles and many pseudo-travel agencies trying to coerce me into packaged trips that I didn't want or purchasing tickets with outrageous commission charges. I needed to get to Sikkim for a trek. After trying to go by train I ran out of time and needed to fly. I found the cheapest online ticket but couldn't purchase without an Indian Credit card. I approached Latif while he was having a smoke on the street. Not only did he offer to purchase the ticket for me at price but found a cheaper ticket. He was a very welcome breath of fresh air amongst the hassle of Delhi.

Johannes Musial (Germany)
Great journey! In 4 weeks we got to see so much of India. Even though it was shocking at first, we enjoyed the Indian cities, people and culture more and more. Now, at the end of our trip we are so glad, knowing we will definitely come back.

Maximilian Behrendt (Germany)
He planed the trip like we wanted it and so it was possible to do all the things we wanted to. We had a 4 week trip and it was not like he told us what to see, it was like we told him what we planed and he supported us with good trainconections and good hotels and all for a fair price.

Harriet (Uk)
I came across Latif by chance and what luck it was! He organised a trip for my friend Antonia and I from Delhi-Jaipur-Jodphur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Coimbatore. I had never been to India before and had to trust Latif about trains/hotels etc and everything he organised was perfect. I had the most incredible holiday. Also, when I arrived my bag got lost at the airport and Latif took it upon himself to track it down and have it sent to my hotel!

Graeme (Australia)
Great Service! I would recommend this travel agent to anyone.